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Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is one the safest ways to transport a vehicle. Flatbed towing is the best choice when you have to transport a special car, vintage car, SUV, or truck.

Not all cars and trucks are the same, and some require special attention when being towed. In many situations, a traditional tow truck is will do just fine. Yak Towing offers flatbed towing services for when a traditional tow truck just will not do.

Our team is here to help protect your most prized possession. Whether your vintage car has broken down, or you want to safely transport it to another location our flatbed towing services will get the job done right.
The Benefits of Flatbed Towing
Like traditional towing, Flatbed Towing works in emergency situations. If your car has gone off the road, our flatbed tow trucks
How to know when you need a flatbed tow:
If your vehicle is all wheel drive
If your car has an automatic transmission
If you have a vintage or luxury car
If you need to transport a motorcycle
Our Yak Towing is proud to serve you and proud to be your top choice for flatbed towing.