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Accident Removal

Accidental removal may be one of the most challenging of all towing jobs. When a vehicle to be towed was involved in a car crash it may be damaged in a way which makes it hard to lift onto a flatbed tow truck not to mention attaching it to a tow by dolly truck.

Apart from having to hoist and tow away a damaged vehicle there is also the matter of having to do it from the scene of a traffic accident, where the vehicle to be towed may be impeding passing by traffic, there may be oil slicks on the road, other damaged vehicles waiting to be towed and other unforeseen problems. Now imagine having to provide an accident removal service on a stormy night.

For these reasons accident removal should be placed in the hands of highly skilled tow techs equipped with the knowledge, experience and all the necessary gear allowing them to handle any situation, whatever condition the vehicle to be towed is in and whatever the scene of the accident may be like. It is therefore crucial that you only use an accident removal service provided by a highly professionalreliable towing company, Yak Towing is exactly such a towing company.